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A Plea to the Christian Wife: Being a HelperNov-04-2013

I have recently been involved in helping several couples mend their struggling marriages. I wanted to share a simple observation with you. In Genesis 2:20 after all of the animals (and their mates) have been paraded in front of Adam the Bible comments, “But for Adam there was not found a helper fit for him.” (ESV)

First, Adam’s best included a helper that was compatible (fit). Both animals and/or human isolation are inadequate. They are evaluated by God as “not good.”
Second, Adam’s deficiencies were not sinful. Adam, at this point, had not yet sinned. Therefore, Adam did not need a wife to help him overcome sin or compensate from some sinful masculine tendency.
Third, Adam needed someone to help him fulfill his God-given obligations. These obligations would have included (1) be fruitful and multiply, (2) subdue the earth, (3) have dominion over the animals (Gen 1:28).

Frankly, just working through these three implications would take a long chapter in a book. However, let me make some applications for marriage today. Compatibility is not so much about helping your spouse overcome sin as it is helping him to engage the tasks that God has created him to accomplish. Namely, a wife’s primary role is to draw her husband into a greater and more thorough obedience to God. When a wife becomes a barrier to her husband’s obedience then she has thwarted the very purpose of marriage. Plainly put, wives ought to promote and energize their husband’s love for the Lord rather than becoming competitors of the Lord. Your husband should read his Bible, go to church, encourage other believers, and train his children better because he has you as a wife. Ask yourself, “Will my husband have a richer reward when he sees Jesus because he married me?”

Posted by - Pastor Mark

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