Crossway Baptist Church Ministries

  • Men’s:

    We have a monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast. There is also a Men’s bible study on Tuesday evenings.
  • Women’s:

    There is a ladies’ bible study Thursday mornings and evenings.
  • College/Career:

    Our college/young career group, called REEF, meets at the Cal State Bakersfield Campus on Thursday evenings.
  • Youth:

    This group meets during the Discovering God time on Sunday mornings. The goal of this teaching time, specifically designed for teenagers, is to take the Word of God and apply it to our teens’ lives. The Word of God is something that your teens need to know and practice. This time is specifically designed to not only be informative but also enjoyable. The youth group meets throughout the week and for activities to fellowship and have fun.
  • Junior Church is a special service we have for younger children ages 4 through 11. The children begin in the main worship service and then are dismissed for a child-focused teaching time. In this class, the children are taught the Word of God through practical illustrations, stories, games, and crafts. The children sing songs, memorize verses and learn to listen and sit quietly. The basics of Salvation, the Word of God, and Christianity are taught during this interactive time.
  • Child Care is provided for the duration of all morning services (Ages 4 and under).
  • Outreach/Care:

    To fulfill the Great Commission, our church focuses to reach out into our community and abroad to share the truths of the Gospel. We also believe that discipleship, care, and accountability for other believers are major parts of this Commission.
  • First Impressions:

    You will meet people in this ministry when you visit Crossway. This ministry works to make you feel welcome and answer any questions you may have.